The Border

Collaborative – documentary

Part of Eurocities, a collaborative project that brought together researchers, artists and media, this series is a portrait of the area between Chomutov in the Czech Republic and Chemnitz in eastern Germany, formerly a centre for mining and heavy industry. The cultures and ambience that have developed either side of the border are very distinct – the product of different economic climates and social changes.

The role of tourism and leisure is the main theme of these images – how it affects both the physical landscape and the people that live in the region. It is now the dominant activity throughout the region, but it has spread its rewards unevenly. Some towns and villages have prospered, developing their own niches that attract visitors, whilst others languish as semi-inhabited ghost towns.

Other aspects that I wanted to explore are the remnants of the industrial past and the role of traditions.

documentary, reportage, europe, photography, landscape, editorial, photojournalism, tourism, post industrial, Europe, contemporary, Czech Republic, Germany